Become A Discord Pro With Bold, Italics And Other Text Tricks
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Become A Discord Pro With Bold, Italics And Other Text Tricks

Become A Discord Pro With Bold, Italics, And Other Text Tricks

Discord allows users to modify the appearance of text messages using the Markdown system. This includes bolding, underlining, and italicizing. The conflict has existed since 2015. Much of its initial success can be credited to PC gamers and esports who used it to chat with their friends and play online multiplayer games. Discord isn’t like other VoIP platforms such as Skype. Users don’t have to call anyone to communicate with them. You can enter a voice channel to start talking.

Discord evolved from its original gaming identity to be used by individuals and companies as a communication platform. You can either create public or private Discord servers. The latter is only accessible to those who have invited you. Discord servers offer multiple channels that can be divided by topic or type to keep your conversations organized. Most servers use text only to communicate, except for those created for education or work.

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Discord allows users to chat in channels and DMs with friends. Plain text can be restrictive, and users might need to highlight text to get the point across. Discord supports Markdown, which is a simple text formatting language. Markdown allows Discord users to mark text in bold, italics, or underlined. They can also strikethrough and use a combination of any of these styles. These options can be accomplished on the desktop interface by simply highlighting the text and then choosing from the Markdown options. To format text on the mobile app, users will need Markdown characters.

How to Send Discord Messages Formatted


You can italicize text by placing an asterisk (“*”) at the end and beginning of your message. When it is typed, it should look like this. Two asterisks (**) mark text as bold in Discord. When you are ordering the message, it should look like this. To combine bold and italics formatting styles, place three asterisks (***) between the news and the beginning and end. Before sending the message, it should look like this ***; once sent, the Markdown language will change the text.

You can also format text by using either the strikethrough or underlining style. Add an underscore (_) before and after Discord text to underline it. Add two tilde characters (~~) to the end and beginning of the reader to add a strikethrough. You can also combine different formatting styles by adding characters to the text for one or more classes. Other messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram support Markdown, but the special characters used are slightly different from those used on DISC.


Become A Discord Pro With Bold, Italics And Other Text Tricks
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