Cryptocurrency lovers often visit psychologists

Cryptocurrency lovers often visit psychologists

Rehab centers have reported a new kind of addiction. Doctors are now more aware of the attraction of crypto-trading addiction.

The Clinic of Dr. Isaev has seen an increase in patients who are dependent on cryptocurrency and stock trading. Tatyana Meteleva (head of the Rehabilitation Center “Double Diagnosis”) at the Clinic of Dr. Isaev said that such patients had an original addiction, most commonly a gambling one. They see cryptocurrency as a way to substitute reality. However, the expert says that this does not mean that everyone who trades in cryptocurrency should wait for special treatment.

As healthy people can drink on vacations without an addiction, self-regulating individuals can also trade on the stock market and engage in cryptocurrency. However, they must have a stopping component. But addicts can’t afford it. They will become compulsive users of cryptocurrency and exchanges. This triggers the mechanism of excitement, euphoria, and despair from losing money.

Viktoria Pashkovskaya is the head of Dr. Isaev’s Clinic’s Nezavisimost rehabilitation centre. She says that the average age for cryptocurrency users is 30+. People who have received therapy or consultations are the experts.

According to the psychiatrist, gambling can lead to cravings similar chemical addictions.

If it is impossible to find specialized treatment, the addict may be able to join anonymous addicts, alcoholics, and gamers who attend their meetings – groups. The doctor says that this will require the patient to have the courage to admit to his problems and to accept the fact that he is responsible for them.

Cryptocurrency lovers often visit psychologists
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