EU wants a USB-C standard port for smartphones by 2024

EU wants a USB-C standard port for smartphones by 2024

USB Type-C connectors will be the standard for powering smartphones and tablets by 2024. After years of struggle, the EU finally decided to implement the plans.

Today’s EU regulations require that all smartphones, tablets and cameras be equipped with a USB type-C port to charge their batteries. The goal is to reduce electronic waste by requiring only one type of power supply for all devices.

Manufacturers of laptops spend more time
The new requirement applies to all wireless headphones and headsets, as well as e-readers and portable speakers. It is likely that the scheme will not be implemented immediately.

Laptop manufacturers have the right to change their devices within the 40-month period of the new requirements being in effect. The EU has also agreed to standardize the fast charging function for power supplies. This will allow all compatible power supplies to be used for charging at the same speed.

Details of the project are still unknown. The EU also wants device manufacturers to give customers accurate information about their charging behavior. It will be easier for customers to check if their power supplies are compatible. They want to make sure the customer can choose in the future whether to buy a device with or sans a closed power supply.

There are only three types of connection for mobile power supplies in Europe. Apple is the most popular, and Lightning port is its unique way. Apple has yet to comment on the new specifications. The American computer company, however, criticized standardization of USB-C as “getting in the way” for innovation as early as 2020. Data Transfer, Cable and USB Type-C.


EU wants a USB-C standard port for smartphones by 2024
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