Fritz update: AVM increases download speed for guest access

Fritz update: AVM increases download speed for guest access

AVM speeds up guest access to Fritz networks. The optimization is now available with the FritzOS 7.39 latest lab update. The optimization is only currently available for certain router models. AVM, a network specialist, is initiating the update as part the open beta phase of FritzBox 7530, 7590 and 6890 LTE.

The update does not include any new features. The changes are nevertheless very interesting. The download speed of guest access has been increased. DynDNS providers can now be supported with optional usernames or passwords. A bug that prevented WLAN guest access being activated in certain situations has also been fixed. These updates improve the stability of previous versions. The FritzBox 7590 is an example of a known change. We have included them at the end. Some changes are specific to your device.

AVM provides tips for updating directly.
These new versions are now available: 07.39.98303 for the 7590, and 07.39.98301 for 7530. Version number 07.39-98285 is the LTE router FritzBox 6890. The update can be downloaded directly by users of the Fritz models. You can download the links and tips from AVM at: special laboratory webpage.

The update will be described as well as an overview of all the innovations for FritzOS7.50. AVM requests feedback from volunteers to help improve the system and make general changes. These prerelease versions can only be used with the free routers. Lab updates are usually not available for providers-bound models.

FritzOS 7.39: Improvements
Guests have access to faster download speeds
DynDNS support with optional username/password
After enabling/disabling WLAN, the selection options on “WLAN / Wireless Network / Security” pages were clearly visible.
Correction of editing option if Wi-Fi timer has not been activated
WLAN guest access cannot not be activated
If a Fritz product is using an older FritzOS version in the mesh, the UI will not display the correct connections
Push service available for faxes received that contain inappropriate text artifacts.

Fritz update: AVM increases download speed for guest access
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