Google begins “field testing” of its new AR glasses

Google begins “field testing” of its new AR glasses

Google announced that it will begin testing its new AR glasses (Augmented Reality) in the field. The official blog of Google reported this. The prototypes of Google’s AR glasses will begin to be tested in public spaces and on the streets next month. The device had been previously tested in labs, but the developers claim that it is difficult to test some of its functions in public places. Augmented reality navigation, for example, must consider factors that can’t be replicated indoors such as weather and traffic at busy intersections.


First, field tests will be conducted on a small scale. Only a handful of Google employees will be able to test the prototype AR glasses. Although the prototype AR glasses are equipped with a display and microphone built into the lenses, they have very strict functional limitations. The prototypes don’t support video or photo capture. However, camera images can be used to perform functions like text translation and direction guidance. It is forbidden to use these devices in schools, playgrounds, government, medical, and religious institutions. They will also not be used while driving or participating in sports.

Google will ensure privacy for all users of its new augmented-reality glasses during testing. An LED indicator will be lit on the device if it records video that is necessary for analysis or debugging. The tester can request that the images be removed. All sensitive information, including license plates and faces, is removed from the data. The data is then saved on a secure server that has limited access, and deleted after 30 calendar days. Google has not yet revealed where it will test its AR glasses in the US.

Google begins “field testing” of its new AR glasses
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