Google begins To Warn About Killing Duo
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Google begins To Warn About Killing Duo

Google is soon to shut down Duo and has already warned users. We warned you a few weeks back that Google was making every effort to eliminate Duo, its video-calling app. The company confirmed that all Google Duo features would be integrated into Meet within a short time. This will make Meet the only video calling app from Google.

The time to say goodbye seems closer now. App users are being reminded by the company that Duo will soon be replaced with Meet. Google Duo is Google’s mobile video calling app.

Google Duo is coming to an end.
Many Android users find a similar warning when opening Google Duo on Android. It states that the Duo app will be renamed Meet and get a new icon and name, as well as more features like background effects.

Duo users will receive a notice from Google reminding them that Duo will soon be integrated into Meet. It is possible to still use Google Duo as normal and to make video calls with other users. The company has not yet confirmed when the transition from Duo Meet to Duo will occur.

This change is similar to the Google Hangouts changes that will occur in a very short time. Google’s instant messaging app will be integrated into Gmail via Google Chat and will then disappear as a separate service. These changes will simplify Google’s communication services and make it easier for users to adopt them. We will have to wait and see if this plan goes into effect or if we experience another rebranding.


Google begins To Warn About Killing Duo
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