How To Send A Video On WhatsApp Without Sound
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How To Send A Video On WhatsApp Without Sound

How To Send A Video On WhatsApp Without Sound

WhatsApp has many in-app editing options for media. One of these is the ability to send videos without sound. WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging app. It allows users to share images, videos, and documents, in addition to messages. It introduced a feature in 2021 that will enable users to share media that disappears from chats once it has been viewed by the recipient. You can choose from three quality options for your photo upload.

Despite all its features, WhatsApp is still behind Telegram and Signal in certain aspects. It still has a 100MB limit to share documents with Android smartphones and a 128MB limit for iPhones. Users will need to link to third-party cloud storage solutions such as Google Drive and iCloud if they want to share larger files. A message reaction, a WhatsApp feature that allows users to respond to text messages using an emoji quickly, has been in development.

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WhatsApp launched a “mute” button for videos in 2021. This allows users to remove the sound from a video and share it. This feature can be used in many situations. Users may find themselves in noisy environments and want to share a video of the surrounding environment with their friends. They might also like to share a video with their pet or child while muting a private conversation that is taking place behind them. Although the mute button isn’t often used, it’s an essential feature in the app. WhatsApp allows users to disable the sound of a video when they record it using the in-app camera or when they share a saved video from their gallery.

One Tap to Mute WhatsApp Videos

WhatsApp users can send videos without sound by recording a video or selecting one from their gallery. Tap on the tiny speaker icon’ located in the upper left corner of your screen. This will display the file’s length and size. The video will be sent to the recipient’s device by clicking on the “send” button. This works on both Android devices. WhatsApp users used third-party video editing software to put their videos before sharing.

WhatsApp will release several new features to its app and desktop interface. A report from WABetaInfo revealed that WhatsApp is currently testing group polls on iOS with up to 12 options. Another report from the publication suggests link previews may return to the desktop platform. WhatsApp also claims to be increasing the file size that can be transferred up to 2GB.


How To Send A Video On WhatsApp Without Sound
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