Huawei AppGallery Bug allows you to install paid apps for free
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Huawei AppGallery Bug allows you to install paid apps for free

AppGallery, Huawei’s Android app store has been subject to a serious security breach. It is possible to download paid apps for free by exploiting this vulnerability. Huawei has yet to address the breach despite all the warnings.

A bug in AppGallery has been fixed. This is Huawei’s Android app store. Dylan Roussel, a French developer claims that the vulnerability allows users to install paid Android apps for free on their smartphones. AppGallery, like the Google Play Store has both paid and free apps. The developer explained that found this hole accidentally and was curious about the operation of the Huawei store. The developer discovered a link to download the application through digging.

Huawei takes too long to correct the error
Clicking on the download link allowed him to install the app he was researching. The app was free, so the expert used the same method to install a premium paid app. “This time, I tried three different apps. Or, rather, I tried 2 additional applications and 1 more game. Dylan Roussel explains how he was able use the applications “successfully”. He also points out that the game’s license verification at launch prevented it from being used. It shouldn’t be possible for paid apps to be downloaded free of charge without verification.

The expert warns that although I don’t know if the vulnerability was used in any way, it could cause both developers and Huawei to lose a portion of their income.” The developer contacted Huawei after he discovered the vulnerability. The Chinese group is determined to rectify the situation as soon as possible , and requests that its correspondent remain silent for now. Huawei was given five weeks by the developer to correct the problem.

Dylan Roussel finally revealed the existence of the infringement after waiting for 13 weeks. Despite warnings to the manufacturer, the expert confirms that the error continues to yawn. The developer also laments that developers who used Huawei’s services weren’t informed. He hopes Huawei will quickly take action.

Huawei AppGallery Bug allows you to install paid apps for free
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