Huawei Band 7 and Huawei Watch D are now available In Europe

Huawei Band 7 and Huawei Watch D are now available In Europe

Huawei’s new Band 7 is now available in Europe. It will compete with the Xiaomi Mi Band and will be available in the next weeks for a price of just 59 Euros.
The launch in Europeof very interesting Huawei Band 7 has been awaited since its presentation. Although the Xiaomi Mi Band presented credentials in China a few weeks back, the Shenzhen giant has waited to confirm that your new generation of devices was indeed launched. It is true that Huawei presented the Huawei Mate Xs 2, Huawei WatchGT 3 Pro, Huawei Watch Fit 2 and, finally, to those who will undoubtedly have your two most important wearables. What are these Huawei Watch and the aforementioned Huawei band 7? We’ll now give you all details.

The new Watch D is the best smartwatch in the Huawei ecosystems. The best accessories for Huawei smartphone owners with HarmonyOS, although they will become more appealing among the general population .

Huawei Europe presents a range of new products including a foldable and ‘wearables,’ such as the Huawei Band 7, which is already the most competitive Xiaomi Mi Band smart bracelet.

The main competitor to the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 is the new Huawei Band 7.

Huawei Band 7
Huawei’s new Band 7 is based on the concept of a sports quantifier bracelet. It has a very comfortable cut and keeps its rectangular AMOLED screen. This form factor, which emphasizes autonomy, is maintained. It measures 44.35 x 26. x 9.99mm and weighs 15 grams. This battery will allow us to track our activity without having to do any daily loads. It features a 1.47 inch full-color AMOLED screen Bluetooth5.0 LE wireless connectivity and NFC to allow mobile payments. is a large and versatile battery of sensors that includes an accelerometer SpO2, gyroscope and cardiac monitor. This will enable us to identify and quantify up to 96 activities, prevent arrhythmias, and even track sleep.

It can withstand 5 atmospheres of water, so you can take a bath with it or continue your activities in the pool. The compatible with iOS 9.0, Android 6.0, or higher and Harmony OS 2 allow for almost universal operation. The price for the new Huawei Band 7 will be 59 Euros in Central Europe. It comes in many colors and has interchangeable straps. The new Huawei Band 7 in all its four colors looks this way.

Huawei Watch D
This boxy-looking watch is half way between the Apple Watch, FitBit Versa and the Samsung Gear first generations. We have to say that is Huawei’s most advanced wearable for health quantification. In its case, all the newties and sensors we have seen in similar devices are included.

We will be seeing a smartwatch that has the standard accelerometers and GPS, but also a heart monitor and electrocardiogram measurement system. This will allow us to keep our eyes on our hearts and will also enable us to perform indicative ECGs. can detect many different sports to quantify them. It has IP68 protection which allows you to get wet, but also makes you more sensitive in water or swimming pools. This will be in addition to the new health track apps that have a dedicated physical access button.

Huawei’s most advanced ‘wearable’ device to monitor our health. We have a 1.64 inch AMOLED touch screen, 456×280-pixel resolution, connectivity Bluetooth5.1 LE, GPS and NFC for mobile payment along, and a battery that provides autonomy for up 7 days of theoretical usage and wireless charging. It’s also compatible with iOS 12 and Android 6 and Harmony OS 2 and higher. All this is in a retro-style casing measuring 51x38x13.6 millimeters and 40.9g. How much is it? It won’t come cheap. It costs less than 449 Euros to launch. This will be the most expensive Pixel Watch, at least if it is confirmed.


Huawei Band 7 and Huawei Watch D are now available In Europe
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