Huawei First Electric Car Has Arrived

Huawei First Electric Car Has Arrived

Together with Seres, the Chinese manufacturer Huawei presented the first car in the which the in-house Android-based Huawei Honory OS is expected to perform various tasks. The Seres Aito M5 hybrid car is not an electric vehicle.

Huawei presented the Aito M5, which was the first vehicle to use HarmonyOS, as part of the presentation of its new products. Seres, a Chinese car manufacturer, is producing the car. It is part of the Sokon industrial company, which started manufacturing vehicles under licence for Suzuki in Japan decades ago.

Huawei offers more technology than you may initially believe
Huawei says it has a significant influence on the equipment of Aito. It provides connectivity systems such as modems and onboard computers, as well as Harmony OS operating system, which can be used in vehicles. This allows the driver to adjust the operation, navigation and setting of the seat.

The presentation of Aito M5 HarmonyOS was possible to see on the large multimedia display located in the middle and area of the instrument cluster. With a diagonal 15.6 inches, a 2K resolution and HDR support, the main display should provide impressive picture quality. Huawei once again emphasizes that the panel is slim.

The car is fully integrated with user and smartphone data
The driver’s preferred apps, contacts and other data can be displayed through the smartphone connection. Additionally, the design settings for the mobile device can also be adopted. As is becoming more common, voice control is available for the multimedia system. Huawei also offers the PetalMaps in-house navigation solution, which is available on its smartphones.

It’s also very interesting to see multiple apps on the infotainment screen. The screen can take up to two-thirds for navigation, and the rest can be used to play music or make phone calls.

Huawei even provides the sound system
Huaweinot just lets its computer technology and program flow into the Aito M5; it also contributes an audio system named “Huawei Sound”, with a peak power exceeding 1000 watts. There are six additional loudspeaker positions along each side of the car, and four loudspeakers integrated into the driver’s headrest. The vehicle should be capable of 7.1 and 5.1 surround sound.

The Aito M5 owners will be able to stream or store high-quality content via local or streaming media thanks to the large touchscreen on the dashboard. Huawei has also integrated its SuperCharge technology to charge mobile devices in the vehicle. Smartphones and laptops can now be charged up to 66W via cable, and 40W wirelessly.

Huawei technology can even be found under the hood. According to company information, Aito M5 is equipped with HuaweiDrive, a system that controls the hybrid engine of a 1.5-liter turbo and powerful electric motors.

Huawei’s commitment is to electric cars comes with a catch. Huawei is still under US pressure. The US embargo now means that the Aito M5 cannot be connected to the Internet via LTE Advanced.

The Seres Aito M5 will be delivered to its first customers in the second half February 2022. Huawei has quoted a starting price around 35,000 Euros, which includes government subsidies to purchase hybrid vehicles in China.


Huawei First Electric Car Has Arrived
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