I Just Found The Perfect App For Moving Files Between iOS & Android
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I Just Found The Perfect App For Moving Files Between iOS & Android

I Just Found The Perfect App For Moving Files Between iOS & Android.

Anyone who owns an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone will quickly see that they don’t get along as well. This is evident when you try to transfer files, photos, and videos between your devices. AirDrop is an Apple product that makes this easy and quick. However, it can be difficult to send files to Android or retrieve them.

It’s not Apple or Google specifically, to be precise. Android’s file transfer feature, NearbyShare, is similar to AirDrop on the iPhone. It works quickly and easily. Nearby Share works the same way as AirDrop and requires no internet connection. AirDrop isn’t compatible with Android, and Nearby Share cannot send to Apple devices.

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Feem is a little-known iOS app that quietly did something very remarkable. This app can be installed on Android and an iPhone/iPad. It establishes a direct WiFi connection on any Android device that can connect to it. This app allows photos, videos, and other files to be transferred quickly without an internet connection. It is comparable to AirDrop in speed and simplicity if you will. WiFi direct uses a new password generated every time the app is opened. This password must be entered manually on the iPhone and iPad. This unique iOS app allows you to transfer multiple files across platforms in the original quality. The app is ad-supported, but only a one-time fee removes ads. No personal data is collected even if you use it for free.

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Although the app may feel awkward at first, it is worth taking a few extra moments to learn how it works. The speed with which large files and videos can be moved makes it worthwhile. Feem will automatically connect to the local WiFi network when it launches. This eliminates the need for you to enter a password every time. It then checks for any other Feem-running devices, Android or iOS. Each machine is given a name, such as “Honorable Rodent” and “Jealous Eagle.” Although it sounds strange, this gives you some anonymity when using the app in public.

Android devices can turn on WiFi direct if a reliable local WiFi network doesn’t exist. The iPhone can then connect to it just like any other hotspot. The Feem app can then send files and chat with another phone using this channel. Android can now share photos, videos, files, and more. Although this feature would be great, Apple and Google have yet to mention it. File transfers can be made faster than uploading and downloading using Feem on an iPhone or Android phone.

I Just Found The Perfect App For Moving Files Between iOS & Android
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