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Marvel’s What If …? Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Guardians of the Multiverse

Marvel's What If ...? Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Guardians of the Multiverse

Marvel’s What If …? Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Guardians of the Multiverse

Fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe had a glimpse of what the multiverse might offer. These doors were fully opened after being shown in Phase 4 Marvel’s What If . The possibilities for the show are limitless, no matter what you think. Particularly when Kevin Fiege confirmed the multiverse would play an important part in Spider-Man, No Way Home and Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness. The final of Marvel’s What If demonstrates the vastness of these worlds and their problems.

Story: Assembling the team

It seemed like season 1 of Ma CEO’s What If …? was the best. It took a page from the MCU Phase 1 They got to know each character and built them up, bringing them together through each episode. It’s just like watching the movies. Each member brings something unique to the team. Each member represents the best of their episodes. Even stories without any members get shoutouts and strong representation.

The villain should have been able to see the heroes’ work. Ultron was introduced in the final episode. He is now seen as the villain to end all evils. The show seemed to be teasing something from the beginning. In episode 2, we got a teaser video from The Watcher about Ego, the Living Planet taking control. This story is only a minute long, and the payoff from that teaser is barely a minute. These teases are useless when the story could have created the Ultron threat. Don’t make it a true anthology if you don’t intend to.

Characters & Performances: Multiverse Avengers

It is great to see these characters stand out again. Captain Carter is easily the MVP of this team. Captain Carter has the same qualities and problems as Steve Rodgers. Hayley Atwell brings Hayley’s qualities to the character with a flair that isn’t closed. It is difficult to feel the pain of losing Steve, and longing for her old life back. Despite her loss, she inspires people every day, even though her interactions with Black Widow. This could be said about many characters, but Captain Carter deserves a spin-off in animation or live-action.

Star-Lord T’Challa is back and his role as a thief makes it a welcome return. Although we don’t get enough of Killmonger’s interactions, there are a few mentions. It’s bittersweet, with Chadwick Boseman displaying the same energy as he did in episode 2. This isn’t the last performance for this actor, it’s also for his character.

Party Thor is his usual hebo self, which adds some levity and a welcome touch of humor. It feels like Chris Hemsworth is having fun playing the role of Thor. It’s surprising that Hemsworth doesn’t do a lot more voice-over roles, as he will be an excellent one. It feels a bit strange to have a different Gamora. Gamora originally had an episode that would have explained why she and Tony Stark were together. Her story was scrapped due to COVID-19 production problems.

Cinematography & Sound: Avengers Style Action

The action is another great joy that comes with this group. It is always a joy to watch team-up sequences in MCU. Everyone brings their best while taking on Ultron. Finally, we get to see Dark Strange in his demon form. He is basically a kaiju. The best moment is when Captain Carter uses her shield and the Black Widow of Ultron’s Earth uses her Red Guardian shield to defeat the enemy. Combine that with Thor’s lightning and you have a thrilling combination.

We get teamwork through fight scenes. Their music balances out each other. Each theme is given a spotlight to correspond with any noteworthy or epic event. These little touches are great for those times when you just want to rewatch the episode again and again. This episode’s lighting is beautiful and has a cinematic feel to it. When the group is speaking by fire, the light that casts shadows and lights on the characters’ faces feels like animation. While they are in space, the warm light shines on them.

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