Microsoft launched a cloud for government customers
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Microsoft launched a cloud for government customers

Microsoft launched a cloud service for government customers on July 19, to give them greater control over their data. Project partners were Leonardo, an Italian defense company, and Proximus, a Belgian telecommunications firm.

The COVID-19 pandemic, as we have already noted, has caused significant changes in the work and operations of many organizations all over the globe. This is also true for the public sector. Microsoft hopes to use its cloud in order to compete with Amazon and Google.

Global public cloud market will reach $71.2 billion in 2027, according to estimates. According to research firm Imarc Group, it was $27.6 million in 2021.

” We expect customers all over the globe… but the first clients were in Europe,” said Corey Sanders, Corporate Vice President. He also stated that the company is pre-testing with potential customers.

It is becoming more common for government and business customers to use the public cloud and data centers of large technology companies, as opposed to building their own infrastructure. This simplifies the process and makes it possible for Microsoft and other companies to make a profit.

The corporation also stated that the new cloud will enable citizens to manage their data and protect their privacy. The system will also comply with all legal requirements for government customers, it is said.

The company also works with local partners to create custom clouds that can be used by local governments within the EU.

Microsoft launched a cloud for government customers
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