Non-standard approach: crypto investors are deceived through comments on YouTube

Non-standard approach: crypto investors are deceived through comments on YouTube

Kaspersky Lab experts discussed a non-standard scam scheme that appeared on the network. A fake cryptocurrency exchanger was promoted using YouTube.

Attackers select popular videos and make comments below them. They talk about how the exchange is failing, which makes it ten times more lucrative to exchange cryptocurrency.

Scammers can increase the visibility of messages by adding bot responses and raising their ratings. They want to trick users into clicking on a YouTube channel that offers video instructions on how they can capitalize on their failure. The video’s authors claim that the benefit is tenfold compared to the current average exchange rate. This is due to a “mistake” involving a comma to separate integer and decimal numbers.

Experts believe such channels only publish one video per channel, raising suspicions. It is also clearly false. The naked eye can see the changes in the exchange rates. Comments on the videos contain enthusiastic reviews. You can find a fake exchanger by clicking the link below. You will see a service that allows you to exchange cryptocurrency. It is best not to use it as the money can be stolen and cannot be returned.

Mikhail Sytnik is the Leading Content Analyst at Kaspersky Lab.

Cybercriminals are targeting crypto investors more often. Also, we see an increase in YouTube comments that allow for victims to be found. We strongly advise that digital asset owners carefully review specialized resources before they are used. Also, do not trust any offers on popular video hosting sites or elsewhere on the Internet.

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