Realme GT Neo 3: charges to 50 percent in 5 minutes with 150 watts Charger
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Realme GT Neo 3: charges to 50 percent in 5 minutes with 150 watts Charger

Realme will also launch the GT Neo 3 series. This has been shown in Germany for China after yesterday’s European launch. A 150-watt version of the GT Neo 3 can also be purchased. It charges up to 50% in just 5 minutes. The GT Neo 3T will be a hit with Dragon Ball Z fans. Realme, which is part of BBK Electronics, but has its own development team, is the first country to offer a smartphone that can charge at 150 watts.

A charging technology called 150W UltraDart could charge a 4,500mAh battery in as little as 5 minutes. It can be divided into two cells and charged to 50%. Realme confirmed that the GT Neo 3’s battery capacity is at least 80 percent after 1600 full charges and discharge cycles. Realme explained that the industry standard is typically only 800 cycles for this value.

The manufacturer supplied a 150-watt power adapter that can be used to charge not only UltraDart standards but also USB-PD, PPS (programmable power supply), and Qualcomm Quick Charge. There are two versions of the GT Neo 3, including one with only 80 watts that can charge up to 50 percent in just 12 minutes and a model that charges up to 5,000 mAh.

Race stripes or just plain black
The GT Neo 3’s design is reminiscent of a racing car, with its racing stripes. Sprint White features black stripes on white backgrounds, while Nitro Blue has white stripes. Realme emphasizes that it is the brand within the BBK Electronics range who wants to link “speed” with the GT smartphones in both technology and design. The third color, “Asphalt black”, is also matte and less prominent.

MediaTek Dimensity 8100
The GT Neo 3 is positioned below the GT 2 Pro at the MWC. It is the first European smartphone to use MediaTek Dimensity8100. Dimensity 9000 is faster and is only available in Redmi K50 Pro in China.

MediaTek uses the Dimensity8100 chip manufactured by TSMC in 5nm. It is equipped with four Cortex A78 cores and Cortex A55 cores, each reaching up to 2.85 GHz, and an ARM Mali G610 MC6 as its GPU. The SoC is paired with the 150-watt smartphone’s 12GB LPDDR5 version and 256GB UFS3.1 version. The 80-watt model comes with 8GB/256GB.

50-megapixel camera with OIS
Both versions have the same display, camera, as well as other features. Realme uses a 6.7 inch AMOLED panel with 120Hz, 100 percent DCI–P3 coverage and Gorilla Glass 5. The primary camera is the 1/1.56 inch Sony IMX766, which has 50 megapixels and OIS.

You can record video in up to 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. A ultra-wide angle camera can shoot 8 megapixels at 120° FoV. A macro 2-megapixel lens can work at close ranges of up to 4cm. For selfies, a 16-megapixel camera is placed in a circular cutout on the smartphone’s screen.

GT Neo 3T with Snapdragon870
Realme has placed the GT Neo 3T under the GT Neo 3. This chip relies on the Snapdragon870, the last stage of the Snapdragon865. The chip is combined with 8GB LPDDR4X, 128 or 256GB UFS 3.1. The GT Neo 3T also features a 6.62-inch AMOLED screen with 120 Hz and 100 per cent DCI-P3. The battery’s 5,000 mAh can be charged at 80 watts. Realme uses 64 MP for wide angle, 8 MP for ultra wide angle and 2 MP to make the triple camera.

Dragon Ball Z Special Edition
The GT Neo 3T comes in limited editions of the Dragon Ball Z colors “Dash Yellow”, Drifting White, and “Shade Black”. Realme allows the smartphone to have its own background images, icons, stickers and playing cards. This technology is compatible with the GT Neo 3T.

Preorders in the EU are now open
The GT Neo 3T and GT Neo 3T will go on sale on June 15th, with pre-sales starting tomorrow at slightly lower prices. The GT Neo 3 is priced at 599.99 euros (80 Watts) and 699.99 euros (135 Watts) respectively. You can order them for 50 euros less, 50 euros cashback and the 150 watts* on the 80-watt model. The GT Neo 3T is available for purchase at EUR429.99 (128GB), EUR469.99 (2256GB), respectively 40 euros (4256GB)* and 30 EUR (128GB)*. The GT Neo 3T will be available as Dragon Ball Z Edition on July 8, at 499.99 euros.


Realme GT Neo 3: charges to 50 percent in 5 minutes with 150 watts Charger
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