Samsung: New GDDR6 sends graphics cards over 1 terabyte/s
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Samsung: New GDDR6 sends graphics cards over 1 terabyte/s

Samsung Electronics has again managed to improve the performance of the GDDR6 graphics memory. This should be noticeable on premium graphics cards that will soon hit the market. These new chips can transfer data at 24 gigabits per seconds. According to the manufacturer, throughput speeds up to 1.1 Terabits per Second can be achieved by placing several of these chips on the same graphics card.

The new series’ 16 gigabit-capacity memory chips are available in separate units. The chips are made using 10-nanometer systems by Samsung, which use Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV lithography). Samsung uses high-k metal ports to handle higher power.

Notebooks also available
The manufacturer claims that it has seen a 30% performance increase over the previous top models in its GDDR6 series. This is despite using the same standards as the original. Samsung claims that the graphics memory will be compatible with all specifications of the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council, (JEDEC), so it can be used seamlessly in applications like AI calculations.

These memory chips can also be used in dynamic voltage changes. This results in significant energy savings, especially when idle. These components are also suitable for notebook computers as they can save battery power when used mobile. The exact date when the new chips will become available for purchase is still unknown. Samsung said that the testing with major GPU manufacturers should start later in the month.

Samsung: New GDDR6 sends graphics cards over 1 terabyte/s
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