Samsung To Ditch Fan Edition series from this year

Samsung To Ditch Fan Edition series from this year

Multiple reports suggest that Samsung may have discontinued the Galaxy S22 FE smartphone. This would mean the end of this series.

Samsung is able to bury its Fan Edition series after only two years. It launched in 2020 with a Samsung Galaxy S20FE and was then updated early this year by the Galaxy S21FE. According to SamMobile, multiple sources have confirmed that Samsung has abandoned plans for a reduced version of the Galaxy S22. This would confirm earlier leaks which also predicted the end of this series.

Samsung isn’t the only series to have given up on in recent years. The Galaxy Note 21 was just the latest victim. The Galaxy S22 U and integrated stylus made the Galaxy Note series less original. Samsung shifted its focus to foldable smartphones.

Samsung could dismantle the Galaxy S Fan Edition Series
Although the reason behind the discontinuation of the phone is not clear, it could be that the FE version of the phones aren’t selling as well. The Galaxy S21 FE was initially supposed to be released at the end last year. However, Samsung delayed its launch multiple times due to shortages of chips, which hampered production. The smartphone finally made it to market at the end of last year, but it had lost its main asset: value for money.

The basic smartphone cost 759 euros. This was higher than other generations but is much cheaper than the Galaxy S21 Galaxy Ss. The Fan Edition’s price is not set by Samsung, so it is natural for the Korean manufacturer questioning the value of this series on the market. Samsung fans who are looking for a mid-range smartphone have limited options. They can choose to either look at the Galaxy A or the high-end model from last year.


Samsung To Ditch Fan Edition series from this year
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