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Star Citizen CitizenCon2951 highlights: New demos, No Squadron 42

Star Citizen CitizenCon2951 highlights: New demos, No Squadron 42

Star Citizen CitizenCon2951 highlights: New demos, No Squadron 42

Star Citizen is still elusive release. However, CitizenCon2951, the latest convention, brings with it a host of new videos and panels, as well as updates to the game.

What is Star Citizen?

Cloud Imperium, Roberts Space Industries and the development team behind their space traversal MMO have been working together since 2010. They announced it in 2012 and relied on crowdfunding to complete the project. It was originally designed by Chris Roberts, who also developed the Wing Commander series. However, the game has now made $390 million since its Kickstarter.

The game has been released in smaller chunks (modules), has been hiring for different development jobs, and has announced an entire other video game that has been silent since its announcement. Squadron 42 has not yet been released and has even abandoned the plan that was laid out for eager players.

Gillian Anderson and Mark Hamill are among the Squadron 42 team members. In 2015, motion capture video was shown. It’s safe to assume that COVID had a significant impact on the development of Squadron 42, given the fact that a Q2 2020 beta test was included in the abandoned roadmap.

Star Citizen continues selling ships in anticipation for full in-game use upon release. Starter packs start at $45. The game currently only has a handful of modes. Persistent Universe is a definitive version of the final game. You can create a character and fly, explore, deliver, mine or take part in missions on ships that you have purchased. You can also see your ships (Hangar), Star Marine which is their traditional first-person shooter deathmatch mode, and Arena Commander which is their dogfighting combat mode.

What was the CitizenCon2951 experience like?

Other than the announcements and keynotes that the game has 2 to 3 times as many players than it did in 2019, the event seemed primarily to be about Pyro, where players will soon be able travel.

A long demonstration, now VOD for 2 hours, was also included. It was titled “Life In the Verse”, and showed what looked like combat encounters at an Outpost. You can think Far Cry, and it is already there. This was a very disappointing presentation for a game that has been in development for many years. However, the presenters stated that there would be more “interactables” in the future. They also mentioned that the AI that lives at the outpost could talk to the players.

The inventory system was also shown – this time, it was explicitly stated to be temporary – which appeared to be in line the cumbersome inventories found at something like PUBG.
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