Ukraine gets 5,000 Starlink internet terminals
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Ukraine gets 5,000 Starlink internet terminals

Ukraine gets 5,000 Starlink internet terminals

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has delivered 5,000 Starlink terminals in war-torn Ukraine. This was in partnership with USAID.
Cyberattacks on the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2018 caused the permanent suspension of Ukraine’s satellite internet connectivity.

USAID stated in a statement that the Starlink satellite terminals would allow unlimited, unthrottled data connectivity anywhere in Ukraine.

These terminals will allow officials and other citizens to continue communicating with Ukraine and the rest of the globe.

The USAID stated that it can withstand Russia’s “brutal aggressive” that cut Ukraine’s fiber optic and cellular communication infrastructure connections.

According to an earlier USAID release, SpaceX delivered 3,667 satellites for a total cost of $10 million. USAID purchased the remaining 1,333 terminals.

Mykhailo Fedorov (Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister) called Musk on February 26 to help Ukraine fight an invasion by Russian forces.

Russia tries to occupy Ukraine while you colonize Mars! Russian rockets strike at Ukrainian civilians while your rockets land safely in space! Fedorov tweeted that Ukraine should be provided with Starlink stations. He also asked for help in addressing the sane Russians.

Musk responded by promising to send a truck filled with Starlink user terminals from Ukraine.

“The cell towers have been either blown up or jammed. The Russians know about a significant fibre backbone. They were likely to cut that fibre link. This would mean that Ukraine will have very few connections. In some areas of Ukraine Starlink may be the only connection,” Musk stated in an interview with Axel Springer, a German publishing company.

“We knew Starlink was needed and took preemptive measures to make sure it could be delivered quickly. We acted quickly when the request arrived.

Ukraine gets 5,000 Starlink internet terminals
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