Volkswagen invests billions in battery factories

Volkswagen invests billions in battery factories

Volkswagen is the only German manufacturer to focus so consistently on electric mobility. Wolfsburg-based Volkswagen has set its sights on becoming Tesla’s most significant competitor.

You will need rechargeable batteries to do this. These are embedded Salzgitter. Even though some people may not believe it and fantasize about fuels, most industry experts agree that electric propulsion is the future for passenger cars. Tesla is the pioneer in this field. This can be seen by its focus on electric vehicles before any other company.

Volkswagen must have rechargeable batteries to be competitive with Tesla. These are very rare, and you will have to wait months or even years before getting a new car. Wolfsburg is determined to change this and has laid the foundations for its first cell factory.

One of six brand new cell factories

The automotive group will invest over 20 billion euros in Salzgitter by 2030. For the execution, a new subsidiary named Powerco was created. Powerco’s annual sales potential is estimated at 20 billion euros. In the long-term, Powerco will create around 20,000 jobs. According to Salzgitter’s cell factory, “SalzGiga”, this will not be the only site for its type Volkswagen. It is part of a “global battery offensive”. Six cell factories will soon be constructed in Europe and North America.

Three years ago, the first SalzGiga batteries.

The first battery should be delivered by the Salzgitter plant in 2025. When production is complete, it should have a capacity of 40 GWh annually. According to the manufacturer, this is sufficient to power approximately 500,000 electric cars. Volkswagen plans to partner with six-cell plants with a combined capacity of 240 GWh.

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